Volunteer with Parenting Programs

If you would you like to help improve family relationships and have an interest in parenting or youth development, we are looking for motivated Parent and Family Education Program (PAFE) volunteers. PAFE volunteers assist with facilitating support groups, implementing youth activities and conducting program outreach and marketing. After completing the free orientation and training program, volunteers provide many different forms of support to our programs and education to the public. Requirements to volunteer would include reliable transportation, good communication and interpersonal skills, a basic interest in children and families, and a high school diploma or equivalent. Other requirements may apply based on the volunteer role. Contact (845) 677-8223 ext. 137 for more information and a volunteer application packet.

RAPP Advisory Committee

The RAPP Advisory Committee is a forum for community members and agency staff to discuss pertinent issues and share resources affecting relative caregivers and their families. If you or your organization would like to participate in the RAPP Advisory Committee please call (845) 677-8223 ext. 137 for more information.


Jessica Canale
Family and Consumer Education Team Leader
(845) 677-8223, ext. 137

Last updated January 3, 2018