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No-cost energy advising from dedicated educators:

Helping The Mid-Hudson Region Make Smart Energy Choices

Regional Clean Energy Hub

We feel honored and privileged to continue serving the Mid-Hudson Region to help our communities reduce their energy burden, access clean and renewable energy sources, and make informed energy decisions. With a dedicated team of Energy Advisors hosted by a coalition of Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) Associations, the proven track records of our subcontracted organizations including Sustainable Westchester, New Yorkers for Clean Power, and UHope Consulting, and a growing network of volunteers and partner organizations, we're excited to help the region and NYS meet our energy goals. To our communities and the diverse peoples who comprise them, we can't wait to serve you! And to others who are working for a just energy transition, we can't wait to work with you!” ---Collin Adkins, CCE Dutchess, Co-director of the Mid-Hudson Regional Clean Energy Hub

Infromation is available for all New Yorkers! Click here to get started at Mid-Hudson Energy Choices.