Cows at Meadowland Farm, Clinton Corners
Image by Sean Carroll

Cows at Meadowland Farm, Clinton Corners


Dutchess County Agriculture comprises over 170,000 acres (1/3 of our 512,000 total acreage), producing $44.8 million in market value products, a large part of the county’s $438 million tourism industry, and employs approximately 2200 farm laborers; all of which makes agriculture big business in Dutchess County.

Our 1,700 farms support the existing infrastructure and create new outlets of labor, feed stores, veterinarians, restaurants, equipment sales, fencing, seed dealers, and many other support industries.

Many of our farms are diverse, small, limited acreage operations (10-180 acres), but add to the overall quality of life and economic impact to each town of Dutchess County.

Cornell dairy

Dairy Resources

Visit our suggested links and fact sheets for information that can help your dairy run efficiently and stay profitable.

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Beef cattle polyface farm

Raising Beef

Beef cattle comprise an important agricultural sector. Our links and resources can help to support your beef cattle operation.

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Soil testing

Soil Testing

A soil test will tell you what nutrients are in your soil and what you may need to add (in the form of fertilizer) for successful crop growth.

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Chickens usda


Find research and links to reliable information for a variety of poultry topics and 4-H poultry programs here.

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