Flowers in Minns Garden, Cornell Campus.  Echinacea.  Cornell University Photography.

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)

Master Gardener volunteer conducts a pH soil test on a soil sample
Image by Sandy Repp

A soil pH test is a great first step to successful gardening.

What's eating your plants? We can help you find out, and suggest ways to control it!

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Learn skills and share what you know, as a volunteer in the CCE Master Gardener program.


CCEDC works to address the needs of the gardening community through education, classes, demonstration landscapes which focus on water conservation, best management practices and edible landscaping to supplement food expenses. The diagnostic lab offers integrated pest management options and solutions to commercial and consumer questions pertaining to agriculture and horticulture. Many wonderful, trained volunteers help to carry out our programs.

Photo of a kitchen garden / vegetable in Gers, France with marigolds, tomatoes and a bean trellis

Food Gardening

There are few things better than a bright red tomato or a cool green cucumber fresh from vine! Learn here about growing your own food in your garden at home!

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fresh compost

Making Compost!

Find resources here on how to start and maintain a home compost bin! Learn how to turn food and yard waste into "black gold" for your garden!

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Multiflora Rose flower

Invasive Plants

From garlic mustard to multiflora rose and everything in between, learn here about invasive plants in our area.

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Flower garden in Prospect Garden, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

Lawns & Ornamentals

Come spring and summer, our extension educators are busy helping residents get the most out of their lawns and gardens. Click here for more information on maintaining yours!

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Community Horticulture Resource Educator
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Last updated March 30, 2018