Meat goats in pasture

Meat goats in pasture

Pastured poultry
Image by Sandy Repp

Pastured poultry


Livestock production has seen abundant growth over the past 10 years. The land in our area is well-suited to grazing and making feeds for all forms of livestock. We work with livestock farms including beef, sheep, goat, hog, horse, and poultry producers.

The size of non-dairy livestock farms can range from the back yard “hobby farm” to the small scale “diversified operation” all the way to the full time “main income” farm, and we’re happy to work with them all. Our non-dairy livestock program focuses on Management, Production, and Marketing opportunities for livestock producers. Educational information, technical service, workshops, tours, newsletters and one on one consultation are all available to livestock producers of any size.

Beef cattle polyface farm

Raising Beef

Beef cattle comprise an important agricultural sector. Our links and resources can help to support your beef cattle operation.

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Willowbrook farm heather moreton

Equine Resources

Find useful information and resources from Cornell's Equine Program, and other land grant universities, here on our website.

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Chickens usda


Find research and links to reliable information for a variety of poultry topics and 4-H poultry programs here.

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Raising Pigs

We've compiled information and resources to help you get started raising pigs, or to improve your livestock operation, here on our website.

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Last updated June 25, 2015