wind turbines in The Dalles, Oregon, USA
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Alternative Energy

hay field in Ulysses NY

About Biomass

Converting biomass to bioenergy has significant benefits over using fossil fuels in that it is renewable and does not release additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

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Geothermal energy: Hot water or steam extracted from reservoirs beneath the Earth's surface that can be used for heat pumps, water heating, or electricity generation.

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Photovoltaics / PV at the home of Peter and Kathy Brennan in Berkshire NY, a participant on the 2007  Ithaca Green Building Open House.

Solar Electric (PV)

Solar power has been growing every year in the United States. Find out about incentives to make solar an affordable option, including the new Solarize Hudson Valley Campaign.

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solar panels

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water can be a great alternative to traditional hot water heaters, and can help you save money. Learn about incentives to help you make the switch to solar thermal.

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Last updated May 22, 2015