Image by Joyce Tomaselli CCEDC


CCEDC MGs Help Walkway Marathon Acheive Zero-Waste Goal

  • Friday, July 14, 2017, 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM

On June 10 and June 11, Walkway Over the Hudson hosted the third annual Think Differently Dash and Walkway Marathon which attracted over 1,600 runners and 6,000 spectators. These are "Green Races" with a pledge that no waste from the events go to landfills. Further, to leave no ecological footprints other than those of the runners.  Many local organizations were actively involved to accomplish these goals, including CCEDC. 

More than 30 Master Gardener volunteers supported the events, educating participants, spectators and other volunteers at the finish line and at each water station. Guidance included how to properly sort waste into containers for composting, for recycling or for garbage.

The results were spectacular: 61% of the materials collected were sent to be composted at Greenway Environmental Services in Clintondale and 28% were recycled at ReCommunity Beacon, a total of 89% compared to the national average of 34%. The remaining 11% was sent to the Dutchess County Waste to Energy facility.

CCEDC Master Gardener volunteers are proud to have participated in this event and look forward to supporting it in the future..