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Energy Navigators help people reach their energy goals. Volunteers complete ten in-depth, online classes that cover a range of topics in energy efficiency, renewable energy and heating options, as well as incentives, programs and resources that are available to help support saving energy at home. Following the training, volunteers will help community members reduce their energy use and energy bills and enjoy safer, more comfortable homes.

Energy Navigators commit to a 6-month program that includes a period of training (one orientation class and ten weekly training sessions), followed by supervised outreach and education to community members. Volunteers are expected to give at least 50 hours of their time over the course of the program to related outreach activities, and help at least ten of their contacts with energy-related actions (please read the Energy Navigator Volunteer Job Description  for more information on expectations).

Training topics: Energy Justice, Climate Science, Understanding Your Own and Others Energy Use, Building Science and Energy Audits, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Heating Systems, Outreach & Community Building, Transportation, and more.

Training Dates and Times: The 2020 program is open. Apply today! Classes will be held online via Zoom on Tuesdays 6 – 8 PM (beginning August 18th) OR Wednesdays 10 -12 AM (beginning August 19th) - please choose one option.

Apply here!

or contact Hazel Robin at Application deadline is July 19, 2020.

The Mid-Hudson Energy Navigator Program is a program of CCE Dutchess in partnership with Get Your Green Back Tompkins.


Hazel Robin
Energy Navigator and REALIGN Program Manager

Last updated June 30, 2020