Outdoor Wood Boilers

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New NYS Regulations on Outdoor Wood Boilers

Many New York homeowners are increasingly turning to wood burning units installed outside the home, known as outdoor wood boilers (OWBs), to heat their homes. OWBs emit fine particulate matter in much larger amounts than other heating sources, and are among the dirtiest and least economical modes of heating (NYS Attorney Generals Office).

In response to this growing air pollution issue, the NYS DEC adopted new regulations under Part 247, Outdoor Wood Boilers (OWBs) and revised Part 200, General Provisions. All owners or operators of OWBs must comply with the fuel use limitations and nuisance provisions of Part 247. Emission limits and setback and stack height requirements are established for new OWBs. New OWBs are units that commence operation on or after April 15, 2011. New OWBs must be certified by the Department for sale in New York. Distributors of OWBs must provide prospective buyers with a Notice to Buyers along with a copy of Part 247.

For more information, see:the NYS Attorney General Report “Smoke Gets in Your Lungs.

New York State Ban on Open Burning

Effective October 14, 2009, the NYS DEC put in place new regulations concerning open burning throughout New York. It is now prohibited to burn household trash in burn barrels or piles statewide in all cases, with several exceptions outlined by the DEC. In towns with a total population less than 20,000, residents may burn tree limbs with attached leaves. The limbs must be less than 6 inches in diameter and 8 feet in length (also referred to as brush). However, this is not allowed from March 16 through May 14 due to the increased risk of wildfires. For more information, visit our pages on Open Burning.


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Last updated July 3, 2018