Family Budget Education

Financial Literacy Education

Due to current grant funding, we are unable to offer family budgeting. 

CCEDC is able to provide fee-for-service presentations for organizations interested in Financial Literacy Training. 

However, we still have resources available. 

Please visit:

Or call us anytime!


Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Family Budget Education Program will help you take control of your finances by helping you to:

  • Open Family Communication Channels
  • Set Family Financial Goals
  • Organize Financial Records
  • Develop a Written Budget
  • Manage Credit and Debt
  • Pay Bills on Time
  • Talk to Creditors and Negotiate Repayment Plans
  • Use Local Community Resources
  • Save Money Regularly

Contact information:

If you live in Dutchess County, New York, call the Cornell Cooperative Extension at 845-677-8223, ext. 137.


Jessica Canale
Family and Consumer Education Program Leader
(845) 677-8223 x 137

Last updated November 10, 2020