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4-H is for ALL Dutchess County Youth!

Vet Science 4-H'ers at Rhinebeck Vet

4-H Dorr Vet Science Program at Rhinebeck Equine

4-H Volunteer Dinner 2019

4-H Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2018

4-H Positive Youth Development


Dutchess County 4-H is a collection of programs that provide youth, ages 5-19, with the mentoring and support to grow and thrive regardless of their background, interests and abilities. 

Positive Youth Development strategies, such as engaging young people in topics that interest them, empowering them to make their own decisions, and providing challenging opportunities, result in youth who have:

Confidence, Competence, Caring, Character, and Connection

These Life and Leadership Skills are the foundation which enable 4-H youth to:

Succeed as Individuals;

Support their Families; 

Strengthen their Communities; 

and Make a Difference to our World.

4-H empowers nearly 6 million young people across the US with the skills to lead for a lifetime. Learning through 4-H is fun and effective; children learn life and technical skills through hands-on learning in topics of their choice. The Dutchess County 4-H Club Program has evolved from it's rural agricultural roots. While we are proud of our strong agricultural programs, we are excited to provide other outlets for youth to explore and grow in, such as arts, crafts and technology. Embracing differences and welcoming diversity, 4-H offers a place for all Dutchess County youth to grow and thrive.

Last updated September 18, 2019