Green Teen Before

One of the Green Teen gardens before...

Green Teen Garden After

...and the same Green Teen garden after!

Green Teen 2016 Eggs

Green Teen program members visit Sprout Creek Farm

Green Teen 2015 Garden

Green Teen Program Members

Green Teen 2015

Green Teen Program Members

Green Teen Community Gardening

The Green Teen program empowers urban youth to be effective community change-agents by immersing them in the local food system. This youth development program teaches life and work skills through hands-on experiences in farming and gardening, health and nutrition, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

During the school year, Green Teen holds local programs both during and after school where participants grow plants and vegetables in their classrooms, on farms, and in community gardens.

Program Activities

In the past year, the Green Teen program provided Beacon teens with vocational training, education related to the food systems, and a wide range of life-enhancing opportunities.

  • Planted, harvested, and maintained 3 urban gardens;
  • Worked with a landscape architect on the layout and design of a new garden to be completed later this year;
  • Harvested, prepared and marketed ‘farm-to-table’ produce;
  • Helped develop the 21 Meals brochure with the Beacon Nutrition Advisory Committee. The brochure highlights where food assistance can be used to purchase fresh, healthy food, and identifies Beacon-based sources of free food;
  • Visited the Beatrix Farrand Garden for lessons around landscaping and garden design, and participated in a documentary being filmed on Beatrix Farrand which premiered at the New York Botanical Garden in March 2019. Upcoming screenings of the film, Beatrix Farrand's American Landscapes, can be found on BFG Association website
  • Engaged in yoga classes to learn about stress management and how exercise and yoga can help the central nervous system;
  • Worked with an educator from the DC Mediation Center and had safe and open discussions about oppression in the U.S., consent, race, family, and communication;
  • Took cooking lessons and learned nutrition basics, and;
  • Helped educate local children in cooking and nutrition.

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Success Story!

Green Teen Program wins the prestigious School Nutrition Association Farm to School Partnership Award!

The Green Teen Program, in partnership with the Beacon City School District, Hudson Valley Seed, and Common Ground Farm, are one of three recipients to receive this honor. This joint award is given for exceptional farm to school work in New York State. Click here to read the full Success Story!


Helanna Bratman
Green Teen Coordinator
(845) 831-4287

Last updated July 23, 2020