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Knowing the pH and nutrient content of your soil is important to successful growing.

Soils & Climates


Soil Texture. This factsheet discusses the four soil texture classifications of sands, silts, loams and clays; how they combine to make textural classifications; how soil texture is determined; and the 5 soil management groups in New York State.

Soil Organic Matter. This factsheet describes types of organic matter in soil; their physical, chemical & biological benefits; farm practices that help maintain or increase soil organic matter levels; and the importance of continued monitoring of soil organic matter content.

The Cornell Soil Health website offers a variety of resources on soil testing and improvement.

Soil Testing. A soil test will tell you what nutrients are in your soil and what you may need to add (in the form of fertilizer) for successful crop growth. Plants need nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (macronutrients) as well as micronutrients to grow. Deficiency or excess of these elements will impact the health and productivity of crops. In addition, the pH (acid/alkaline level) of your soil has an impact upon how much of your soil's nutrients your plants will be able to use. CCEDC can provide or arrange several different tests for your soil and can help you to interpret the results and choose an appropriate course of action if necessary.

For Home Gardeners:

Non-commercial can receive assistance through our Master Gardener Program. Click here to view instructions and FULL ANALYSIS soil sample testing options offered by CCE Dutchess.

Complete Soil Nutrient Analysis

We provide more extensive testing through Rutgers University. The cost for Full analysis testing (includes pH & nutrients) is $25.00. You can pick up the soil kit at our office and mail it yourself with the choice of your mailing courier. Kits can be picked up M-F from 9am-4pm at the Dutchess County Farm & Home Center.

For Commercial Growers and Farmers:

Commercial and Farm producers can receive assistance through Agricultural program educators. Full soil test is conducted by Dairy One Lab in Ithaca. Soil sample DROP OFF are conducted M-F 9am-4pm only, fee is $30 per soil sample.

Click below for submission forms:

Please visit here Dairy One for testing instructions and other forms.


Daily Precipitation Maps This map represents daily precipitation derived from National Weather Service (NWS) radar data using the methods of DeGaetano and Wilks (2009). These maps are updated at 10:45am, 2:45pm and 4:45pm for the current day and redrawn at 1:30pm daily for each of the previous seven days. 

Monthly Precipitation Map This map represents ACIS climate data interpolated to a 5km by 5km grid. Additional information about ACIS can be found on the ACIS web page. These maps are created at 7:00 am on the 3rd day after the end of each month and updated several times during the course of the month as additional data become available.

Gardening in a Warming World Gardeners are keen observers of what is required to grow healthy plants of all types and sizes. New strategies and solutions to the problems presented by cultivating living things are often contemplative acts. These actions will hold gardeners in good stead as we face climate change – an unprecedented phenomenon that amplifies all those conditions that can make or break our gardening success. Deep reflection on our strategies in tending our lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables will be required to manage and adapt to this latest – and biggest – challenge.

The Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer network is working to strengthen understanding and inspire us to take actions in our gardens and communities that will help address the global crisis of climate change. Supporting this effort, we produced this curriculum for gardeners, homeowners, educators, volunteers, teachers, students and anyone interested in exploring how we might examine our gardening practice through the lens of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Last updated April 25, 2024