Maureen Callamari

Maureen Callamari

Community Resource Educator
845-677-8223 x122
Family & Consumer Education

“He who has a WHY will find a HOW” Nietzsche


Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they're yours” Richard Bach

As the Family and Consumer Education Resource Educator, Maureen works on many community initiatives: Kinship Support, Parenting, Health Advisories, Financial Literacy, and Youth Programing.

Maureen is a native of the Bronx NY and has been an adamant supporter of education and access of information to all and has worked in programming and education for youth for over 30 years . She received her Master in Library and Information science and specialized in Public Librarianship with a focus on Community and Youth programming. Maureen has a passion for connecting people to information. Maureen enjoys family game night, participating in citizen scientist projects with her 4 H Entomology Club Leader, and membership in various community taskforces program work teams .