Vendor Rules & Application 2021

Todd Hill Farmers’ Market Mission

The mission of the Todd Hill Farmers’ Market is to enhance, improve and support the local agricultural economy; promote marketing and entrepreneurial skills of local farmers; provide an outlet for direct sales of agricultural products to consumers; provide opportunities for farmers to engage in agri-tourism; and educate consumers on the products, farms, artisanal goods and diversity of agriculture in New York State.

The Taste NY at Todd Hill Farmers’ Market (Farmers’ Market) is operated by Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County (CCEDC) with funding from NYS, and with the advice of the Todd Hill Advisory Committee. CCEDC is a 501(c)3 exempt organization. CCEDC staff will conduct market research, development and analysis; farmer to consumer education; and organizational programming.

The Farmers’ Market is located in the median of the Taconic State Parkway at Todd Hill Road (4640 Taconic State Parkway North, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603, Mile Marker 47. It operates during the growing season through early October (weather permitting). Refer to dates on the application.

Vendor Applications

  1. Vendors must submit an application prior to each season whether or not they have been vendors in the past. Past acceptance is no guarantee of approval for the next Farmers’ Market term.
  2. References are required for new vendors.
    1. New vendors must provide (3) letters of reference; past or present farmers’ market managers, fellow vendors or farmers, wholesale buyers, or other agri-business or agri-tourism contacts may be listed as references.
    2. Vendors are required to provide a list of all past and present farmers’ markets in which they have participated.
  3. The application deadline is April 15th for the 2021 Market, scheduled to open on Friday, June 18th, 2021 
  4. Acceptance of applications after March 20th will be at the discretion of the CCEDC program staff.
  5. Value-added vendors who provide a product that is not primarily agricultural in nature must submit samples of the products and packaging they wish to sell and explanations of where and how their products are sourced along with their application.
  6. Vendor applications will be reviewed to ensure that new vendors are a good fit for the Farmers’ Market, its mission, and meets customer demand. 
  7. No vendor is guaranteed product or sector exclusivity. Decisions regarding competitive products will be made at the discretion of the CCEDC program staff.

Product Requirements

  1. All agricultural products must be grown and/or processed within New York State.
  2. All value-added vendor product offerings must be produced with a majority of the agricultural product that was grown and/or processed in NYS.

Agricultural Merchandise

  1. All agricultural products must be grown or wild-gathered by the farmers/vendors and/or their assistants unless pre-approved by CCEDC program staff.
  2. Vendors are encouraged to participate together as space is very limited. Anything sold or sourced from other farms must be clearly labeled as such. Those farmers sharing space and labor may be given preference to facilitate a larger array of products sold at the Market. All products offered must be listed on the application.


  1. All vendors’ farms and/or businesses are subject to inspection by the CCEDC program staff for the sole purpose of confirming conformance with the Farmers’ Market Vendor Rules and policies.
  2. Failure to submit to such an inspection may result in the suspension of a vendor’s eligibility to participate in the Farmers’ Market.

Setup and Departure

  1. Vendors shall arrive at the Farmers' Market in time to set up and be ready for customers at 2 pm. Vendors are required to off-load, set-up, and move their vehicles prior to the start of the market. Late admittance is at the discretion of the Market Manager. Vendors arriving late on a regular basis may be subject to termination of the Vendor Agreement by the manager and/or CCEDC programming staff and prepaid rental fees will not be refunded.
  2. Setting up and operating outside of the set market hours for early and late sales is at the discretion of the Market Manager. Vendors are not permitted to set-up or sell product prior to the arrival of the Market Manager. Vendors arriving too early or conducting sales before/after hours may be subject to termination of the Vendor Agreement by the manager and/or CCEDC programming staff.
  3. Vendors are to park only in areas designated by the Farmers’ Market Manager. All vendors will have assigned spaces and shall occupy only those spaces.
  4. Each vendor must display a sign stating the vendor’s/farm name and the location of the farm or production facility.
  5. Prices for all items will be clearly displayed at all times either on a board or on individual items.
  6. Vendors must wait until the Farmers’ Market closing time to start packing up their spaces and take down their tents.
  7. Vendors must remove unsold product and clean up their spaces before leaving the Farmers’ Market. A fine not to exceed $25 may be imposed by CCEDC for violation of this rule.
  8. Vendors must be clear of the site within an hour after the close of the Farmers’ Market unless other arrangements are approved by the Market Manager(s). A fine of $50 will be imposed for violation of this rule.

Products and Sales

  1. Vendors agree to sell primarily produce and products grown or produced on their farm or at their business. Vendors should list for public view any locally sourced ingredients if applicable.
  2. Products/produce from other farms/businesses (unless the farmers are sharing the space) cannot exceed 20% of what the vendor offers for sale and must be preapproved. Produce and products from locales other than the vendor’s farm or business must be clearly identified as such, and the names and locations of the makers of those products must be also listed.
  3. The following food products can be sold at the market:
    1. Fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, greens, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, and mushrooms.
    2. Prepared foods such as dairy products and cheeses, baked goods, smoked meats and fish, pasta, soups, prepared meals, frozen desserts, relishes, salsa, sauces, dried foods, honey, maple syrup, jams, jellies, pickles, juices, wines, beer, teas, ciders, herbs and herbal products.
    3. Specialty products such as plants, flowers, and refreshments as reviewed and approved by CCEDC program staff.
    4. Sale of products not listed above: must be approved at least one week in advance by CCEDC program staff.
  4. Vendors may not sell as a franchise or use franchise trademarks, logos, etc., at the Farmers’ Market, unless approved by CCEDC program staff. Vendors may not sell franchised products for other suppliers.
  5. All products sold at the market must be of high quality. If CCEDC program staff deem any product inferior in quality the vendor agrees to withdraw the product immediately or sell for a discounted price. 
  6. Radical price cutting of top quality produce is prohibited. Poor quality or overripe produce must be labeled as such and can be sold for a discounted price. 
  7. The selling of dairy products, eggs, meats, canned goods, alcohol, and other processed or potentially hazardous products must meet all legal requirements.
  8. Highly perishable foods prepared foods and specialty products must be refrigerated/stored in compliance with all applicable laws.
  9. All produce displayed for sale must be at least 12” off the ground with the exception of large or heavy items such as pumpkins.
  10. Vendors must offer customers at least two forms of payment options (e.g. cash and check, or cash and credit) that are clearly labeled as options.
  11. Open air retail market guidelines as set forth by the New York State Department and the CDC must be adhered to on-site. Failure to do so will result in dismissal. All vendors will complete market sales report forms provided by the Farmers' Market Manager at the close of the market day. Reporting is required and failure to return reports daily may result in termination of Market privileges and no refund of market fee will be given. 
  12. Farmers’ Market vendors also participating as Taste NY Market at Todd Hill vendors are required to match the prices of any of their products sold. It is recommended that dual market vendors balance their products between the two marketing channels.


  1. Vendors must comply with all laws, ordinances, and regulations of the United States and the State of New York.
  2. Vendors must obtain all required licenses or certifications and these must be available for inspection at the Farmers’ Market.
  3. Goods may be sold by weight, volume, container/package, or count. All weights, measures, packaging, and labeling must comply with all applicable laws.
  4. Vendors must provide insurance certificates that name Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County as the certificate holder prior to the first date of sale for each season and appearance at the Farmers’ Market.
  5. All vendors must abide by NYS DOT regulations pertaining to travel on the Taconic State Parkway. Vendors may apply to NYS DOT for a permit that allows a commercial vehicle to travel on the TSP. CCEDC program staff will provide this form upon request. The permit requests and appropriate permissions are the responsibility of the vendor.
  6. Vendors shall comply with open-air retail market guidance for COVID-related operation of outdoor markets.

Space Assignments and Upkeep

  1. Vendors are assigned a space at the market by the Farmers’ Market Manager subject to change at the discretion of the Farmer’s Market Manager. 
  2. This is a carry-in, carry-out Farmers’ Market. Vendors are responsible for keeping their space clean and neat at all times and carrying out all large cardboard packaging used to deliver the product. All Vendors are required to carry their own broom & pan and must thoroughly sweep any vending blacktop, sidewalk, and/or grass area free of organic matter, paper, and other debris at the end of the day, and dispose of it elsewhere.
  3. Vendors are not permitted to discard garbage or packing materials in the onsite dumpster at the Todd Hill area. A fine not to exceed $25 will be imposed on vendors in violation.


  1. Vendors must conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times. The Farmers Market Manager can require a vendor or an employee of a vendor to leave if their conduct is deemed to be inappropriate.
  2. The Taste NY at Todd Hill Farmers’ Market strives to maintain a smoke-free environment. Vendors who smoke can only do so at least 15 feet from the Farmers’ Market selling area.

Display and Signage

  1. All vendors must keep their tents, merchandise, equipment, vehicles, displays, and signage within the space assigned to them. Pedestrian flow cannot be impeded by the vendor’s setup. Vendors must set up their space in a manner that does not block the customers’ view of or impede access to other vendors in any way. Vendors must have a sign that prominently identifies the name of their farm /business and its location. Vendors are encouraged to list all products offered each week.
  2. Tents/canopies must be secured at all times. All vendors are required to provide and use weights to insure tents cannot blow over. Empty containers/jugs, to be filled with water on-site and tied to tents, are suggested. Containers/jugs, sandbags, or other methods, to be provided by the vendor, will be inspected weekly by the Farmers’ Market Manager. A fine of $50 will be imposed for violation of this rule.
  3. Signage: All vendors must display at eye level a sign that states the name of the farm or business, and the location. This signage should be approximately 4.5 square feet, e.g., an 18"h x 36"w banner. All Vendors must also display items and prices. This may be on a separate board (like dry erase or chalkboard), or on the main banner, or labeled product groupings may be priced clearly for all shoppers to recognize.


Farmers’ Market rents are as follows:

  1. Anchor Vendor: $30 per market day per 10’ x 10’ space paid monthly, OR $25 per market if paid in full. Additional bump-out in peak weeks at an additional $10 per 10 ’x 10’ per market day. 
  2. Rotating Vendor: $35 per market day per 10’ x 10’ market space. Paid upfront for entire season OR $40 if paying by appearance. 
  3. Pop-up Vendor: $50 per appearance per 10’ x 10’ market space. Collected day of appearance.

*Vendor tents larger than 10’ x 10’ add $5 per 5’

  1. Monthly rents are due at the top of the month for the entire month.
  2. Partial payments must be approved in advance by the CCEDC program staff.
  3. By signing the contract to participate as a vendor, you are agreeing to attend the Farmers’ Market from opening day until the closing day of the season unless otherwise agreed upon. Vendors will be held responsible for the rent for the entire season agreed to in the application. If a vendor must pull out of the market, the vendor will be held responsible for any further rents due. This can be reviewed in the case of extenuating circumstances that have been discussed with the Farmers’ Market Manager and/or CCEDC program staff.


  1. All vendors must carry at least one million dollars in liability coverage for the Taste NY at Todd Hill Farmers’ Market and must carry auto liability. (see sample COI)
  2. Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County should be named as the certificate holder. A copy of all insurance certificates for the Market is due upon acceptance into the Market and must be submitted to the CCEDC staff.
  3. Vendors cannot sell at the Farmers’ Market without insurance certificates on file and insurance must be kept current throughout the season.

Absentee Policy

  1. By signing the contract to participate as a Vendor, you are agreeing to attend the Farmers’ Market from opening day until the closing market day of the season or on assigned dates as stated in the application. Some dates at the beginning and end of the Farmers’ Market season may be pre-qualified exceptions, due to the growing season. However, all Farmers’ Market dates within your stated commitment in the application will be strictly adhered to and rents will be charged.
  2. Vendors must notify the Farmers’ Market Manager at least 48 hours in advance if they are unable to attend a scheduled Farmers’ Market day for illness or other extenuating circumstances.
  3. Each vendor is allowed one excused absence for a cause at the discretion of the Farmers’ Market Manager and/or CCEDC program staff during each Farmers’ Market term. More than 2 absent Farmers’ Market days per vendor may result in expulsion from the Farmers’ Market. 
  4. Vendors will be responsible for rent on all the days they are scheduled to attend the Farmers’ Market whether they appear there or not. 
  5. Rent will be considered in arrears if it is unpaid.
  6. Unexcused absences will be considered during the application review process for the next Farmers’ Market term.

Enforcement and Violations

  1. Vendors who suspect that another vendor is violating any Farmers’ Market rules should report the matter to the Farmers’ Market Manager and/or CCEDC program staff. Vendors should not attempt to address violations themselves.
  2. The Farmers’ Market Manager will be responsible for researching reported violations and will discuss such with the CCEDC program staff if needed to best resolve an issue. 
  3. Violations of any market rules will be handled by the Farmers’ Market Manager who will give a verbal warning to the vendor for an infraction of the rules.
  4. If a Vendor receives two verbal warnings, CCEDC program staff may expel the vendor.


  1. The Farmers’ Market Manager and/or CCEDC program staff will be responsible for communicating any significant changes or news through email to vendors. Additionally, they will reach out to vendors with phone calls as needed.
  2. The Farmers’ Market Manager will be the first line of communication for any Farmers’ Market issue or concern.


  1. The Farmers’ Market does not allow solicitation, entertainment, informational, and advocacy activities, unless approved by the Farmers’ Market Manager and/or CCEDC program or as part of the scheduled Farmers’ Market programming.
  2. Vendors may not use their own space for advocacy or informational displays unless approved by the Farmers’ Market Manager.


No pets are allowed in the Farmers’ Market area or in the parking areas during Farmers’ Market hours. The Farmers’ Market Manager reserves the right to expel a patron who has an uncontrolled animal. Please notify the Farmers’ Market Manager if any vendor observes such behavior.


The Farmers’ Market Manager may arrange for entertainment and educational demonstrations to take place at the Farmers’ Market. Vendors who want to bring entertainment to the Farmers’ Market or participate in demonstrations should coordinate with the Farmers’ Market Manager and/or CCEDC program staff to suggest or schedule such activities.


These rules may be amended from time to time by CCEDC.

Types of Vendors:

  1. Anchor – vendor who can commit to entire season (less 2 excused absences) and is from one of the main agricultural sectors and has enough product to last throughout the season; generally meat, produce, beverage, eggs-dairy-cheese, sometimes bakery.
  2. Rotating – vendor who cannot commit to the entire season but is interested in participation every other week or 1x/month for the length of the season.
  3. Pop-up – vendor with a unique product or a limited schedule that may be called upon t fill in short markets. Product must be relevant to Todd Hill mission.

Last updated March 4, 2021