CFLs are a more efficient alternative to conventional incandescent bulbs.However, LED bulbs are considerably more efficient in saving energy and can last up to 25 years (NYSERDA).

The reason why LEDs are so much more efficient is because it wastes very little energy on heat, meaning it takes less electricity to produce the same amount of light. In contrast, 80% of energy is lost in the form of heat in CFL bulbs and 90% with incandescent bulb. Moreover, because of the lower heat exerted during consumption, LEDs generally last longer and are a lot safer to use than both CFL and incandescent bulbs, with zero mercury used in the production process. CFL bulbs are potentially hazardous to human health and the environment because of the fluorescent used in the technology. Make sure your used CFLs are recycled responsibly. Find a CFL Recycling Center in your area.

With all the benefits that LED brings, it is now affordable and cost-competitive with CFLs and incandescents, especially in terms of long-term savings and yearly cost over the bulb’s lifetime.

Benefits of using LED light bulbs - Tien Vo, CCE Intern 2020

Last updated July 14, 2020