Neil & Sean - GIS Lab

Neil Curri & Sean Carroll of the GIS Lab with their large-format printer


GIS Technical Assistance

The CCEDC GIS Lab provides GIS technical assistance to municipal leaders, members of watershed organizations, research and academic institutions, and residents using GIS to inform local conservation and planning. The GIS Lab’s Resource Educator is available during normal business hours to

  • Answer technical/how-to GIS questions
  • Connect users to local, state, and federal sources of GIS data
  • Provide expertise and advice on GIS software and hardware
GIS Outreach, Training, and Mentoring

GIS presentations can be requested by municipal groups (e.g. CACs, planning boards) and conservation organizations interested in learning more about the capabilities of GIS and applications for local planning and conservation.

Introductory GIS training sessions are offered annually; topics include using Dutchess County’s web-based GIS applications, ArcGIS Explorer, and introduction to ArcGIS Desktop.

Individual GIS mentoring sessions can cover a variety of topics and are scheduled by appointment.

GIS Lab and Resources

The CCEDC GIS Lab provides GIS equipment, software, and data for local natural resource mapping applications. Resources include:

  • Public access to ESRI ArcGIS Desktop software and GIS data
  • Large-format printer for oversize maps
  • 2 recreational-grade GPS receivers
  • 2 mapping-grade GPS receivers

Custom Maps and Analysis

Custom maps and data can be created based on desired specifications, such as the extent or area of interest, data included, and map size. The CCEDC GIS Lab charges an hourly rate for custom mapping and analysis, which varies between Dutchess County-based municipalities, not-for-profits, and residents vs. outside or for-profit entities (see table below).

GIS Data Requests

GIS data can be requested by Dutchess County-based not-for-profits and residents and sent on CD or DVD (or picked up at the CCEDC office) for a standard fee (see table below). Outside entities and for-profits must request GIS data developed by Dutchess County agencies from the County.


Map prints of new or existing maps can be requested from the CCEDC GIS Lab. Prices vary based on size (see table below).


Custom Mapping - Labor

Standard Rate..................................... $100 / hour
Rate for non-profit organizations...... 
$75 / hour

Map Prints (color):

8 1/2" x 11" ....................$8
11" x 17" ........................$10

Oversize Map Print Prices (per sq. ft.)

Coated Paper

(white background)

Heavyweight Coated Paper

(color or aerial photo backgrounds)

Semi-Gloss Paper

(high quality presentation)

 Rate $2.00 $3.00 $4.00

Last updated December 17, 2021