Community Projects

Every No Child Left Inside group carries out their own environmental community project. These projects are created, designed, and implemented by the students as a team.  Below are some examples of previous community projects, as well as information and updates on the current project.

Learning about bike shares from the City of New Rochelle

Learning about bike shares from the City of New Rochelle

The current 2018-2019 NCLI community project is to propose a bike share to the City of Poughkeepsie.  After an in-depth brainstorming session, the students decided to create a community project to combat air quality/air pollution issues in the area by proposing a bike share to the City. A bike share is a system in which stations of bicycles are posted around an area, for example a city, and the bikes at the bike station are available for individuals to use. The final bike share proposal can be found here.

Earth Day clean up

Educating volunteers at the Earth Day Clean Up 2018

2018 Do Care, Clean Poughkeepsie
After identifying a garbage/littering issue within their community, the NCLI group decided to design a community project to clean up the streets of Poughkeepsie.  As part of the project they co-hosted 3 community clean ups and created and implemented After School Program lessons in local elementary schools.  A summary of their project can be found here.

Pollinator Garden

2017 Pollinator Garden
The NCLI Youth Environmental Educators designed and planted a pollinator garden in Murphy Park in the City of Poughkeepsie. As part of the project, the Youth Educators put together a report on pollinators, their importance, what's happening to them and why and how pollinator gardens are beneficial. The report also details the design of the NCLI pollinator garden and provides suggestions and resources for how to plan a pollinator garden in your community. 

Last updated November 7, 2019