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Field Crop Publications

Here are several free field crop publications you can sign up to receive from Cornell Cooperative Extension and Cornell University's IPM Program. These newsletters, articles, and email updates provide timely and useful information on upcoming events, current research, IPM (integrated pest management) and pest alerts, and more throughout the growing season and beyond.

  • NYS IPM Weekly Field Crops Pest Report - This seasonal, weekly scouting report provides timely information on the presence, identification, and management guidelines for significant field crop pests in New York to help users learn about, and better anticipate, current and emerging problems, and improve their integrated pest management efforts. Written by Ken Wise at CCE Dutchess County, with Cornell University’s NYS IPM Program for Livestock and Field Crops, in collaboration with other Cornell Cooperative Extension personnel. If you have any questions contact Ken Wise at 845-677-8223.
  • What’s Cropping Up - This digital newsletter is published every other month providing timely information on field crop production and environmental issues as they relate to New York agriculture. It is distributed by Soil and Crop Sciences at Cornell University. To sign up email your name and email address to Jenn Thomas-Murphy at What’s Cropping Up Blog - Articles from the newsletter are also posted regularly to the blog. Sign up through the blog (“Subscribe by email” box on middle/right side of screen). If you have any questions about this publication, contact Jenn Thomas-Murphy at 607-255-2177 or email
  • Capital Area Ag & Hort (CAAHP) E-Newsletter and Ag Report - Weekly email newsletter with upcoming events and announcements. If you have questions, contact Tove Ford at 518-765-3500 or email The Ag Report is an emailed report which goes out most weeks of the growing season updating farmers on what is happening in the field with crops and pests to help them make timely management decisions. If you have any questions on the Ag Report, contact Aaron Gabriel at 518-746-2560 or email (Examples of recent Ag Reports)
    Sign up for both of these CAAHP publications at CAAHP Publications

Christmas Tree Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The Christmas Tree IPM e-list provides timely emails for Christmas tree growers on pests, upcoming events and more from Betsy Lamb with Cornell’s IPM Program. To join the Christmas Tree IPM e-list, email and put the word "Join" in the subject. Leave the body blank!

Last updated September 5, 2023