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Board of Directors of CCEDC

Board of Directors


  • Lacie Reilly, President
  • Katherine Briggs, Vice President - Finance Committee, Fair Committee, Facilities Committee¬†
  • Mark McLean, Treasurer - Finance Committee, Chair, Facilities Committee
  • Julie Hart, Secretary - Personnel Committee, Facilities Committee
  • Peter Berasi, Environment & Energy - Personnel Committee
  • Judy DiMatteo, Family & Consumer Education - Finance Committee, Facilities Committee
  • Mario Gonzalez, 4-H Youth Development - Personnel Committee, Finance Committee, Fair Committee, Facilities Committee
  • Tom Lynch, Environment & Energy - Finance Committee, Facilities Committee, Chair
  • Andrea Parent-Tibbetts, Agriculture & Horticulture - Personnel Committee, Chair
  • Maribeth Rubenstein, Family & Consumer Education - Personnel Committe,¬†
  • Chris Shave, 4-H Youth Development - Personnel Committee, Fair Committee, Nominating Committee, Facilities
  • Eugene Valoy, Agriculture & Horticulture - Finance Committee, Fair Committee, Nominating Committee
  • Chris Drago, Legislative Representative
  • Adam Hughes, CCE State Extension Specialist
  • Eoin Wrafter, County Executive Representative
  • Mary Lou Carolan¬†Executive Director
  • Marcy Latella, CCEDC Recording Secretary

To contact CCEDC Board of Directors, please direct your email to the attention of Marcy Latella (below) and address the board member or members in your subject line. The email will be sent to the members from our administration office.

Last updated February 12, 2024