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Agricultural Assessment

The State Legislature enacted the New York Agricultural Districts Law in 1971 to protect and promote the availability of land for farming purposes. Subsequent amendments have broadened its scope. The law provides a locally initiated mechanism for creating agricultural districts. Forming agricultural districts is intended to counteract the impact that nonfarm development can have upon the continuation of farm businesses.

The Agricultural Districts Law allows reduced property tax bills for land in agricultural production by limiting the property tax assessment of such land to its prescribed agricultural assessment value. Owners whose land satisfies the eligibility requirements may apply for an agricultural assessment.

Landowners must file Form RP-305, Agricultural Assessment Application or Form RP-305-r, Agricultural Assessment Application Renewal with the assessor to receive an agricultural assessment for their parcels. Landowners must apply for an agricultural assessment, and the farmland must satisfy certain gross sales and acreage eligibility requirements.

For more information please go to NYS Department of Taxation and Finance Agricultural Assessment Program Overview page or utilize the quick links on the left for forms, resources and decision charts.


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Last updated February 14, 2017