Economic Development Opportunities

Agriculture is Dutchess County's 3rd largest employer and supports our 2nd largest employer, Tourism (agri-tourism). 

The related infrastructures to agricultural businesses have a tremendous impact on our local economies and are an important part of our Dutchess County landscape.

Local farmers and agri-businesses have identified the following as needed infrastructures that support our local agriculture.

  • Livestock Processing
  • Farm Animal Veterinarians
  • Transport/Handling of produce and spent grains waste as livestock feed
  • Wholesale and retail transport of goods

If you are interested in starting a business related to local agriculture, need assistance in locating an appropriate property or are looking for investment possibilities, please contact us or one of the resources in the left hand column.


Jennifer Fimbel
Agricultural Navigator
845-867-3075 or 845-677-8223. extension 118

Last updated February 14, 2017