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Parenting Education Workshops

Raising children is a rewarding but often challenging endeavor, especially in today's society. Because parenting requires significant amounts of time, energy, and emotional strength, it is not uncommon for parents to feel stress related to this important role. Our workshops teach participants parenting skills in the areas of understanding children, how to help children learn and thrive, effective discipline and personal stress management. As parents learn how to better understand, guide, nurture, and motivate their children, they will become more effective. Parents of children of any age can benefit from these programs.

Watch our Upcoming Events page for the following parenting workshops offered by CCE Dutchess:


This curriculum used in our parenting courses is designed to teach five basic parenting skills that are useful from the time children begin to talk through the teenage years. The first skill, ENCOURAGEMENT, fosters self-esteem in children and builds trust between parent and child. ENCOURAGEMENT emphasizes the importance of telling the child when the parent sees him or her doing something the parent likes. The second two skills, CAN DO and CHOICES, are guidance techniques that can be learned using four clear steps. CAN DO teaches parents to teach children acceptable behavior. CHOICES builds on these skills by encouraging parents and children to work together to solve problems and make decisions. SELF-CONTROL is an anger management skill for adults, and RESPECTING FEELINGS is an empathy-building skill.


This course is run through Dutchess County Family Services is for parents seeking to improve their communication skills and reunify their families. 


This free course, open to the general public, is an exploration of five key communication tools that can enhance your relationships at work, at home with your spouse or partner, and with your children.

These workshops can be tailored to the needs of your audience and the focus of your program.


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Last updated June 5, 2024