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Diversity and Inclusion

A letter from Cornell Cooperative Extension Board President and Executive Director :

June 8, 2020

Dear CCEDC staff, volunteers and friends,

Our community has been shaken by the recent violence and senseless killings and mistreatment of Black men and women in America. The pain of seeing our country seem to come apart is deep. The pain of seeing our brothers and sisters endure the unnecessary loss of loved ones is heartbreaking. The fear that it could happen to our colleagues and friends is numbing. But we are a community. We work together and we stand together and we support each other. We will get through this together because we are a team and we care.

At CCEDC, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our entire community, but especially our community of color. Everyone is welcome, everyone is wanted and everyone should feel safe. We are committed to emphasizing diversity and inclusion in everything we do. Everyone, no matter their skin color, religion, sexual orientation, age, or socioeconomic status is a valued member of our community. Everyone deserves a chance to succeed. Our goal at Extension is to make that happen.

In the last week, we’ve seen civil unrest unlike any we’ve seen since the 1960’s. Those of us who remember those years are dumbfounded. We seem to be going backwards. We have a lot of work to do as a community and a country to facilitate change. It can start right here at our place of work. That’s why we will heed the request below of Cooperative Extension Director Chris Watkins to effect change through courageous conversations and bold actions. At CCEDC, we pledge to do all we can to foster a culture of inclusivity where all are safe and welcome to pursue their dreams and opportunities for growth without fear or apprehension based on the color of their skin. Not just for the good of our organization and the people we serve, but because it is the right thing to do.

All the best in safety and in health.

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Vicky Kelly, Board President                                Ruth A. Moore, Executive Director

Diversity and Inclusion are a part of Cornell University’s heritage. We are a recognized employer and educator valuing AA/EEO, Protected Veterans, and Individuals with Disabilities.

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