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Dutchess County Agriculture... It's a Growing Thing!

Dutchess County Agriculture & Farmland Protection Plan

“It is an exciting time for agriculture in Dutchess County. I feel like my father must have felt during the 40s and 50s in the ‘heyday’ of farming. There are so many opportunities, some of which we never even thought of ten years ago such as farm-to-table, CSAs, breweries and distilleries. We even have new-to-thearea crops like hops and sunflowers. Farmers have a chance to utilize new technologies and opportunities for small and large scale farms. The future of agriculture in Dutchess County is growing!” 

Gregg Pulver, Third Generation Farmer

Agriculture has been and continues to be one of Dutchess County's primary industries. Our economy, rural landscape, community character, environment, health of residents, and overall quality of life are all uniquely and positively affected by farms operating here. Although agriculture has changed through time and continues to evolve and diversify, it plays a significant role in both the economy and quality of life for Dutchess County residents.

Click here for the 2015 Dutchess County Agriculture & Farmland Protection Plan

Or, for a briefer overview, check out the Executive Summary: 2015 Dutchess County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan – Executive Summary


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Last updated July 26, 2019