Horticulture Diagnostic Lab

Master Gardener volunteers identify plant and insect samples, diagnose plant samples and perform soil pH testing in our Horticulture Diagnostic Lab.

Due to the coronavirus, the need to work remotely and trying to keep everyone healthy, we are currently not accepting soil samples or diagnostic samples to be brought to the office. Soil samples can be sent directly to the lab. For information on how to do that, please email or call Samantha Vacchio at sv453@cornell.edu or 845-677-8223 x115.

The Horticulture Hotline, (845) 677-5067 is open April to October each Wednesday from 9am to noon but during travel restrictions it may not be staffed. Messages can be left for Joyce Tomaselli at 845-677-8223 ext 134. Written questions can be submitted to our website at www.CCEDutchess.org/gardening. Click on Contact Us and select the topic of Gardening. Questions can also be emailed to Joyce Tomaselli at jdt225@cornell.edu. If a photograph is included, please ensure it is focused and as close up as possible.

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Last updated June 15, 2020