2023 Plantsale

2023 Master Gardener Plant Sale

Potting perennial for 2021 Plant Sale
Image by Joyce Tomaselli CCEDC

Master Gardeners Plant Sale

Spring Plant Sale

Thank you for another successful year!!!

Our plant sale features a wonderful selection of healthy annuals (flowering and foliage), perennials, vegetables and herbs. The plants are grown by our Master Gardener volunteers. We offer personal service! Volunteers will be available during the plant sale to answer gardening questions, to help make plant selections and to help bring plants to cars if needed.

Plants are priced as follows: Flowering Annuals and Foliage - $5.00, Annual Herbs in 4-packs - $3.00 (e.g. Basil and Parsley). Annual Herbs in pots - $5.00 (e.g. Rosemary), Perennial Herbs - $6.00 (e.g. Sage and Thyme), Flowering Perennials - priced individually, Vegetables in pots - $5.00 (e.g. Tomato and Pepper), Warm Vegetables in small square pots - $3.00 (e.g. Cucumber and Squash).

In 2011, all funding for our Community Horticulture Program was cut by the county. We depend on the continued success of the plant sale to continue our educational programming. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated!

Last updated June 27, 2023